The Weekend Has Landed! The Fun-Continuation Edition

What a week! It's been awesome. I haven't given H1 his birthday present proper yet, so I can't report back on that. I have, however, given him many little presents. Socks and chocolates and fancy hand cream*. They have all been received with much joy and gratefulness, but I'm under the definite impression that he expects something better on the day itself.

By this time next week, I will have (hopefully) turned his birthday into an extravaganza of  good times. A funtravaganza. It may seem that I am putting too much thought into this, but if anyone deserves a spectacular 30th birthday, it is him. I even made it one of my goals for the year. When I met him, he was 22, and the greatest boyfriend I'd ever had. I told him that, too, so he could have just sat back and rested for the last seven and a bit years and still been great, but instead he's worked tirelessly to make our life together as amazing** as it is today.

Therefore, that's what this weekend is focused on for me. We're going to go out to partake in the degustation at Saxon and Parole, as apparently that is where we go for birthdays now, but the rest is a great big blank of whatever H1 wants. And laundry, because birthdays or not, there's always laundry.

What's the best birthday you've ever had (or the best birthday you've ever created for someone else)? If I'd bought this for H1 I'd be home free, and I probably wouldn't even have to help with the laundry. I haven't, however. Parking in New York's far too frustrating.

This is an impractical thing that H1 wants. Image: ESupercarNews.
This is an impractical thing that H1 wants. Image: ESupercarNews.

And what are you up to this weekend?!

*This sounds like an unusual gift for a man, but a New York winter's skin-drying efforts does not discriminate between the sexes. While he would never walk into L'Occitane and buy himself hand cream, he does frequently pinch mine, which led me to believe it would be an appreciated gift. It was.

**And it's very amazing. I am a lucky, lucky creature.