The Weekend Has Landed! The 'Getting Back to Normal' Edition

It has been a week since H1 and I arrived back in New York, but it feels like a lot longer - and also, no time at all. A longstanding contract that I was working on ended just before Christmas, and I was a bit concerned that while I looked for a new client to fill that time, I'd be bored and time would drag. That has not proven to be the case (chance would be a fine thing) what with all the writing I've been doing, and the networking, and the procrastination* that inevitably comes as part and parcel of the deal when I sit down to write. Last weekend was very quiet, with H1 and I not doing much more than resting up, restocking the pantry and generally gently easing ourselves back into normal life again**. This weekend is...not, suffice to say.

It's actually a long weekend here in the US, which is lovely and all but also totally undeserved, we feel (we have just been on holiday for three weeks)! Shortly, I am making my way round to a friend's house for the always winning combination of takeout and bubbles. Tomorrow, I will probably go to the gym, then later on out for dinner with more friends, then on Sunday, brunch with another group of people***. And Monday...laundry. Almost certainly. Somehow (and I'm genuinely confused as to how) everything needs washing again. Is this what it is to be an adult?

I'm also mad keen to sort out my terrace, because it's hit the time of year when I think it's already spring, and so I want to pretend I can keep plants alive for more than ten seconds again. However, today is -2°C, so if that trend continues I'll almost certainly be able to suppress that urge. Doesn't stop me wanting this little beauty though...

This is something impractical that I want. Image: One Kings Lane
This is something impractical that I want. Image: One Kings Lane

There is literally no way to add this to my terrace. There is nothing that it could hang off. And no room, also. But wouldn't it be great, swinging back and forth, music on the stereo****, homemade lemonade in hand, pool boy fanning me*****?

*It is with a very clean house, organised wardrobe, and pantry full of homemade granola that I begin this weekend. I don't think I've been this together since I was at university, with papers due imminently.

**And laundry. SO MUCH laundry.

***This makes me sound very popular. I'm not, I've just been away for a while, so I'm a bit of a novelty right now.

****We actually don't have a stereo. I don't know what to call what we do have. The TV-enabled computer? Just iTunes, maybe? What are music-listening systems called these days?

*****My mind seems to be pining for summer. And a pool. And a pool boy?