The weekend has landed! The getting-stuff-done edition

Why do the short weeks always feel like the longest? Thanks to Auckland Anniversary Day last weekend, this week was a four day work week –  but it has totally kicked my arse. I am so very ready for this weekend.

 Scenes from last weekend...Silo Park at sunset.

Scenes from last weekend...Silo Park at sunset.

I don't have a lot of plans, just a lot of stuff that needs to be done before next week. I'd love to go into Monday feeling just a little more on top of my life. Seeing as it's still summer, I may try to do a little of that from the beach…we'll see! Such is the beauty and pain of being surrounded by water – you feel guilty whenever you're not at the beach, but at the same time, life can't be lived solely at the beach. I wonder how long it'll take me to adjust to the fact that the beach isn't going anywhere, and relax about not being there every chance I get?

Anyway, enough planning – it's Friday night! Time to remember all the good things from the week that was.

The best thing I read this week was: This article in The Guardian on whether Helen Clark will be the next Secretary-General of the UN. Not because it's particularly well-written, but because I would love this to happen.

The best thing I ate this week was: I should say coconut rice and sticky chicken, shouldn't I? But actually, it was probably a bagel, more for sheer nostalgia value than anything else. Ah, the magic of food.

The best thing I did this week was: Go over a friend's CV for her for a job she's applying for, hear from another friend about a job interview she aced, and talk to yet another friend about how she's going to own her new job. My friends, leaning in. So awesome.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend everyone. What are your bests from the week that was?