The Weekend Has Landed! The Holiday Celebration Week Edition

Phew! This has been one of the most insane weeks of my life, at least as much as I recall. I am wondering whether maybe it's like childbirth, and you forget, otherwise nobody would ever do it more than once.

The event I was putting all of my time, energy, and sanity into finally happened, and it went off almost completely perfectly. On Wednesday, I worked for about 14 hours, most of which I spent on my feet, in high heels. I'm sure everyone out there who's a nurse, or a doctor, or in the military or whatever, is laughing out loud and pointing at their computer screen, but for us soft marketing types, this is a big deal. I was in agony upon arriving home, and a bit concerned that I may have actually broken my toe. Careful examination on Thursday morning revealed that no, it's just that standing on it for 14 hours in high heels hurt it so much it felt broken. It's fine now. Still, I feel like I should be learning a lesson from this...but what?

I've donned the heels again today (though a different pair) for it is Christmas! And I have two parties to attend - a late lunch overlooking Central Park, followed by an evening do somewhere. I actually have no idea where the evening event is, but I'm tagging along with H1, so we'll probably be okay. I am very much looking forward to both, but am also slightly agitated by just how many things I need to wrap up before Christmas Eve. I started working at 7 this morning - again, some people are going to laugh, but this is a huge achievement for me because I'm not good in the morning. I ostensibly wake up at 6am every weekday, but I'm generally not truly awake until about 10am. And I'm still not on top of everything, so this weekend is the weekend I rectify that, because I am actually completely, totally, 100% out of time. Aaaaaaawesome.

Truly awesome, not even sarcastically so, is that in one week I am heading Down Under for a Christmas as it should be - in the sun and on the beach*! I have decided that I really want a light, summery pair of high heels for it - something like this.

These are something impractical that I really want. Image: Christian Louboutin

What are you up to this weekend?!These are, on the face of it, totally practical (yes, even with sparkles - just look at that lovely, classic, goes-with-everything colour!) but read above**. My feet have not forgotten. High heels are not very practical, really, now are they?

*I don't actually believe this, but I am still looking forward to it a crazy amount!

**Also, I just noticed the price. Yegads! Impractical, most definitely.