The Weekend has Landed! The Last Gasp of Summer Edition

It's time! It's here! My week feels like it's been multiple weeks. At the beginning of the week I had very little work for the first time in months. Being a freelancer, you'd think this would be a bit worrying, but I loved it. I worked on a couple of my own projects, I caught up with friends, and I cleaned the fridge. Maybe not as wild as it could have been, but great anyway (who am I kidding? Great BECAUSE).

Then over the last couple of days, I suddenly got heaps of work in, so - busy again. I'm very glad I made the most of those first few days (yes, even the fridge cleaning counts as 'making the most'). And now, it is the weekend, and I am ready for it!

Tonight H1 and I are having dinner with some friends and their child, aka The Cutest Child in New York. Tomorrow, it's looking to be remarkably warm for this time of year (it snowed two days ago, to give you a decent comparison) so I plan to make the most of it by working out outside, for what could be the last time in months, then preparing for the cold weather by finding my gloves, hiding my summer stuff in the back of my wardrobe where it can't taunt me, and possibly buying earmuffs (I'm very much in two minds about these. Some women look fantastic in them, and I love wearing my hair up but having warm ears still, but I'm scared I won't be one of those women).

Sunday I'm hopefully having brunch with a bunch of beautiful bloggers! I'm hoping this turns into a thing. Maybe we'll call ourselves the Blogger Brunch Bunch, and have a secret handshake, and maybe we won't, because it's highly possible they're not as lame as that me. Then I'm just going to chill with H1, and cook something delicious for dinner, and organise my week, in my head at least.

This is going to be a good one.

This week, the impractical thing I want is not impractical at all, because it is a HOUSE. What could be more grown up than a house? Nothing, that's what. Life insurance, perhaps.

This is the house:

This is something impractical (fine) that I want.

It comes with its own furniture, see! Just lying out front! sent this to me a week or so ago. It's from a company called Brinca Dada, which makes these amazing post-modern dollhouses and furniture. I am absolutely in love, and came thisclose to buying one for my unborn children (read:me), until I realised how nutty that would be Hayden stepped in.

What are you up to this weekend?