The Weekend Has Landed! The Magical Edition!

This week has been both very long and very short. Thanksgiving seems like a lifetime ago, but I'm astonished at how quickly the week has gone - and what I've managed to fit in! I love weeks where I'm manic, but oh, how they hurt by the end. In a good way, like the pain that comes after a good workout, or when you burn the roof of your mouth on hot pizza (usually following a good workout, because why else do we do it, right?) This weekend is no relief, but I don't care because it's Christmas!!! Or at least the beginnings of. This is almost the best part of Christmas - the prep. H1 and I have decided to have a little Christmas soirée in our wee little apartment this year*. I know what you're thinking - isn't our wee apartment actually very wee, and how will you ever have a party there? - but it's big enough. It'll be fun! It'll be cosy! It's Christmas, maybe a miracle will happen and we'll discover an extra room!

So this weekend's all about planning. Planning and partying, because I'm not the only one with this bright, 'Hey, we should celebrate for Christmas!' idea. Tonight I'm off for a couple of drinks with some friends, followed by dinner with other friends. Tomorrow morning I intend to decorate the house (a more challenging proposition than it would seem, thanks to this very helpful little guy).

Soooo helpful.

Helping is his favourite thing. Unfortunately, he has paws instead of fingers, so all he can do is bat valiantly at whatever I'm trying to put up. Not his fault.

Tomorrow afternoon H1 and I are going to buy all the food and all the wine for the party, and I'm finally going to place that Amazon order that's been lurking in my cart for a week, because we need plastic bubbly glasses and napkins and probably a lot more things that I've forgotten about**. I'm not quite convinced about using plastic, because you know, environment and also a little icky? But I'm not buying 20 new proper champagne glasses, because we just always break them. I did find some reasonably cool ones in my involved search.

Sunday I have brunch with more friends, then dinner with some others, and at some stage I will do my Christmas cards and crack on with the Christmas present shopping!

Hmmmm. Now might be a good time to suspend my newspaper subscription for the weekend. There doesn't seem to be enough of it (weekend, not newspaper - there is always so much newspaper). Somebody tell Obama, please - I'm sure he'll fix it. Him or Ryan Gosling.

Because I'm buying stuff for other people, and also I had a wee meltdown this morning when I realised I wanted to clean out every one of my cupboards and I didn't know where to begin, and so introducing more stuff into this apartment is currently verboten (the more stuff, the less room for people!) I'm not going to get this. Even though it's awesome, it is just another impractical thing that I want. But I don't need it, I have Apple Maps. actually making me think I need it more. I could carry it round in my bag with me, and pull it out every time somebody asks me how to get to Times Square (what is currently the most hostile country? Because I would point to it, and it would still be better than Times Square).

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Fab

That is me! What are you up to this weekend?

*Because I know he'll call me on this: I decided it would be fun, then badgered him until he gave in, with the definitive statement that this is to be a stress-free, laid-back, entirely enjoyable zone. And it will be. An entirely stress-free party that is also MAGICAL and AMAZING and the best party anyone's ever been to, in my perfectly spotless apartment, with stunningly beautiful and seasonally appropriate (but not tacky) decorations, and a veritable feast of home-cooked, organic, delicious and original canapés***.

**I'm not entirely sure how anybody did it before Amazon, actually. Did they, like, leave the house and go to the store and buy plastic champagne glasses? Because that seems like a waste of time and also a bit depressing.

***I have just realised where H1 was coming from when he said sometimes I make things harder than they need to be.