The Weekend Has Landed! The Maybe Apartment Edition

Remember the Maybe Apartment? Well, H1 and I are heading back there this weekend. Not to our old apartment, of course, or even the old building, but to the general area - our old stomping ground of Murray Hill.

We have an engagement party to go to that requires very glad glad rags. I asked my friend how fancy I should go, and she told me to wear the fanciest dress I owned. Upon telling her that I own a ballgown, she suggested I tone it down slightly from that, and then told me what she was wearing. I'm excited to don one of my favourite cocktail dresses, and considerably more excited to see her - take my word for it, she is going to look phenomenal. Her husband-to-be will probably scrub up pretty nicely, too.

We're also going out to dinner at one of our favourite old locals, Cask. And some more of our friends are in town, so I'm hoping we'll get a chance to hang out with them too. In short, this weekend is shaping up to be downright super-exciting.

Over the last week, an interest that has been quietly brewing for a while spilled over into an obsession, thanks to this video:

I adore that couple. I've been looking into alternative forms of micro-housing ever since, and I'm now on the hunt for a section in Auckland. Do I need a section in Auckland right now? Absolutely not. Should I be buying a section in Auckland at this stage of my life? Absolutely not. Will I be buying a section in Auckland any time soon? I severely doubt it.

This hasn't stopped me from devoting several hours (that could and should have been spent on more productive activities) searching online for exactly the right piece of land. I mean, I found it, but I'm not so sure this is an achievement I can be proud of.

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: TradeMe
This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: TradeMe

Anyway. Moving on. What are you up to this weekend?!