The Weekend Has Landed! The Networking Edition

Hello hello! How has everyone's week been? Mine has gone far too quickly - I was convinced yesterday was Tuesday for most of the day, and was quite unpleasantly surprised by the whole 'Thursday' thing. Despite that, I can't pinpoint anything I've done that I'm truly proud of this week. It has been a busy week of mediocre accomplishments, like sorting out my taxes (ick) and doctor's appointments (ick ick) and the like. Oh, and also messing around on the internet. Does anyone else have those days when you just can't focus on anything, so rather than doing the smart thing and forcing yourself to, you incessantly check Facebook to the point where you start to get annoyed with your friends for not updating more often? And really angry with yourself because you're being a total slacker? No? Just me?

H1 and I have also been revamping our office/bike storage/spare room over the last couple of weeks, and we are very nearly happy with it. We're now at the 'what do we need to finish this off?' stage. Thanks to letting myself enjoy too much social media time this last week (I'm looking at YOU, Pinterest) I have decided that what we need is a chandelier*. Something dramatic to draw your eye to the gorgeous vaulted ceiling**. When I was a child I loved chandeliers - or the idea of their fanciness, anyway - but if I remember rightly, I was mainly drawn to tacky, '80s style monstrosities. Now I'm keen on ones that are a bit cooler, like this:

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Remodelista
This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Remodelista

I'm not going to get it (obviously) because I do not need it. Also, I have no desire to mess around with electricity and lighting and rewiring. That seems like the very definition of 'asking for trouble' to me.

What I do need is to WORK, and so that is what I'm going to do this weekend, otherwise I'll start next week feeling hopelessly behind. I will, of course, get in some fun though! Starting in just a few hours, when I catch up with friends I haven't seen for YEARS. We'll have a drink or two at mine, then head to one of my favourite local restaurants. Before they arrive, I will try to tame my politician's wife hair (my hairdresser got a bit enthusiastic with the blow-dry. And it's not cool politician's wife hair. Michelle Obama I am not. Wife of an overweight Congressman from Kentucky, I'd say).

Tomorrow I have a day to myself to WORK (fyi, yes I am shouting, but at myself, not you) and in all honesty I'll probably curl up with a book and a cup of tea at some stage. Then on Sunday I'm going to a networking brunch. I really don't want to go, because I hate networking (I'm just no good at it) even though this particular group are particularly fun and welcoming. But still. I'm hoping it'll be like Brownies was when I was a kid - I used to dread going, but always enjoyed it when I was there.

When I think of how much I dislike things like 'networking brunches' I start to wonder if I'm a terribly antisocial introvert. I mentioned the possibility to H1 once, though, and he laughed and laughed and laughed, so maybe not. Does everyone hate networking events as much as I do? How do you feel about them?

Monday is actually a bank holiday, but I intend to get some work in. The alternative is guilt - and I am not a fan of guilt. (I AM a fan of Gilt, but that's also a pretty direct path to guilt, so I shall avoid that also.)

What are you up to this weekend?!

*We don't.

**I am reconsidering this statement - while the ceiling is indeed vaulted, it's not really gorgeous. It's kind of just a ceiling. But with a chandelier it wouldn't be 'just' anything!