The Weekend Has Landed! The Nyack (For Reals This Time) Edition

I cannot believe it's Friday again. February is flying! Soon we'll be saying goodbye to February 2013 for good, and while I'm not one to wish my life away, I'm all for it. February is the bleakest month in New York. February can f*** right off, as far as I'm concerned. (And for those in New Zealand, where February is solidly amazing and sunny and gorgeous, I apologise, but you all know I am a selfish type. In my defence, this winter, like all other winters, is of the 'neverending' persuasion).

February or no, I can't deny this week has been a stellar one. I attended bits and pieces of Social Media Week, which was truly fantastic. The next one's in September, and I intend to be there with bells on - particularly as I know the lay of the land now, and feel like I'll be able to make even more of it next time around.

I've worked out a lot (indoors, obvs), spent some quality time with H1, bought new jeans (which I both love and needed), listened to lots of music and have even danced. I started up ballet lessons again earlier this year. I love, love, love ballet, even if I do dance so poorly I feel quite seriously sorry for ballet when I'm doing it. I swear I saw the instructor wince as I pliéd the other day, but as long as I'm paying, I'm in. Capitalism at its finest.

I've looked at a lot of ballgowns - which, for me, are very much the pinnacle of impracticality. I have not had occasion to wear a ballgown since my school ball, mumble-mumble years ago. While I work on rectifying this, I just look (and pin in preparation, of course).

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Oscar de la Renta
This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Oscar de la Renta

I've also started working on a very cool project, and I'm topping it off with a lovely lunch with girlfriends today. Perfection, almost. (Sunshine would be perfection).

Oh, and my second piece was published on The Billfold today. That's always a great way to end a week.

So as for the weekend, and provided no more blizzards suddenly hit, I will be trying my luck again seeing friends in Nyack. I'm excited about this for all the reasons I was last time. I have a bit of work to do (always - but this is why I can go for long lunches on Fridays, so I'm cool with it) and a little house-straightening in preparation for the arrival of good friends next week, and then all the rest of the time is miiiiiiinnnnne. Heavenly. Weekends are the best, aren't they?

What are you up to this weekend?!