The Weekend Has Landed! The Out of Town Edition

This week, I have been social. There have been coffees and lunches and Waitangi Day events for Africa*. I went to a lunchtime concert at Lincoln Center, and I went to the gym, and to Pilates, and to yoga, and I wrote. Oh, yes, I wrote a LOT. I am afraid my eyes are going to turn square with all the looking at the laptop I've been engaging in. I have not seen a lot of H1, because he has also been social, but with different people from me. I'd like to rectify that this weekend, but don't have overly high hopes. Unless the threatened blizzard hits, which will prevent him going cycling, which will mean he and I can spend a lovely Sunday inside our apartment, reading and relaxing and talking about how much we are both looking forward** to the end of winter.

UPDATE: The blizzard has hit! We are meant to be getting a foot of snow before tomorrow. All indoor plans on!

Tonight we are were meant to be going out to dinner with friends in Nyack, and I am was excited - Nyack is a cool place and these are cool friends. I see fun in my future! I always see fun in my future - I have a very fun life! - but this specific Nyack-based fun will now be taking place another time. Maybe dinner out tomorrow night, in town (i.e. where they plow regularly) instead.

I see fun in your future, also. I strongly suggest you use some of your valuable weekend time to read this, so you understand why I would so love this:

This is an impractical thing that I want.
This is an impractical thing that I want.

You might also learn some valuable business lessons, although I'm promising nothing.

What are you up to this weekend?!

*Though I don't know what Africa would do with Waitangi Day.

**Because the cycling, and the socialising, and the 'not being driven bonkers' are all much better when it's not winter.