The Weekend Has Landed! The Painful Edition

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh... On Sunday I have to wake up sometime before 5:30am.

Because somebody (bodies?) is coming to our house at 5:30am. To film H1. While he cycles on his indoor trainer.

I am a good and supportive wife, one who will happily wait at the end of race courses to watch H1 fly across the finish line, and hold water bottles, and spend huge percentages of our grocery budget on Clif Bars for him. This, though, is a whole new level.

He knows I'm not happy about it, but I have managed to keep the resentful comments to a minimum. It's pretty hard to be annoyed by something like this when the reason it's happening is because your husband's an uber-awesome cyclist. And they are only here for a little while, before they all head out to New Jersey to film him cycling out there*. So I can go back to bed if I want - although that's unlikely to happen because I'll already be caffeinated and dressed**.

And, of course, this is not all that is happening this weekend! Tonight I'm going out to dinner with H1 (because we can't go out tomorrow night, obviously***). It is our first time using the City Shuffle deck I gave him for Christmas, and I'm excited!

Tomorrow I want to do something, but I don't know what. Something big and exciting, like getting out on the water, or something awesomely New York, like buying lunch from one of my favourite food trucks and picnicking in a park.

Unless I toughen up a lot overnight, though, I don't think either of those things is going to happen. Reading, writing, and cooking will probably happen though...and that's a pretty great weekend right there.

Oh, and hey, check this out.

This is something impractical that I want. Image: J. Crew.
This is something impractical that I want. Image: J. Crew.

J.Crew's spring collection is out! And it is, of course, gorgeous. However, I already own every other striped top that has ever been designed (and I just donated three more to Goodwill) so it is going straight onto the impractical list.

What are you up to this weekend?!

*I feel slightly disloyal for mentioning it, but do you think these filmmakers realise what cycling is? I mean, it's not an overly captivating spectator sport - or at least it is, in the 15 seconds that you get to actually watch a cyclist for. And watching H1 on his indoor trainer is...I don't want to say boring, but you know...

**I cannot handle letting a bunch of people I don't know - people with videocameras, I hasten to add - see me in my pyjamas before coffee.

***This right here is a good example of a slightly resentful comment.