The Weekend Has Landed! The Planning Edition

It is possible I consume too much media. In fact, not even possible - it is a fact. I've always loved reading, and have always been the sort of person who's happy to read pretty much anything I come across. I remember being a kid on car trips, and challenging myself not to read the road signs. I would fail every time. I can't help reading. This has never been a problem - it's meant I'm a top notch speller, have a good vocabulary, and am generally quite successful in trivia games - but I have noticed recently what an effect all that media has on my life (besides meaning that I try to find as many opportunities to play trivia games as possible). Thanks to years of magazine, blog, and newspaper reading, I organise my year the way that the media does. In autumn, I 'cosy up' in 'snuggly knits'. In winter, I 'hunker down' and 'stay indoors' with 'warming red wine'. And in spring...I organise. I spring clean. I want everything to feel all fresh and crisp and new.

I suppose these activities have become traditional because they're appropriate for the time of year, but I wish that I felt like organising in February, seasonal calendar be damned. Because now that the first day of spring has occurred, and March is nearly out, I want to organise everything. All at once. And because I can't, I'm feeling frustrated with my slow progress. I just want to cast the doors open, plant my garden*, put fresh flowers in a vase, chuck out all my old makeup and begin again. I want to scrub my house from top to bottom, and my body also. I want to empty my inbox, move from strategising to implementing tactics, and finish all the half-read books I have on the go**.

This is how my week has been, but NOT my weekend. No. Not this weekend.

It will probably come as no surprise that I have cancelled the New York Times for this weekend also. Instead, I will be cooking/baking/cleaning/flower-buying/summer-planning/reading/inbox-sorting/writing. And brunching. And working. Oh, and on Sunday night, I will be going to hear these guys, which should be good.

By the way, summer-planning is hard in the northeast. Some friends and I want to go away for the 4th of July. I'm trying to find us a house now, and you'd think that there would be plenty of people out there willing to take our money, but no, not so much. Sometimes I wish we lived in a place where there was less 'society'***, and more often I wish we just owned a beachhouse of our own.

This is something impractical that I want. Image: Windwalker Rentals
This is something impractical that I want. Image: Windwalker Rentals

I won't even begin on why this is impractical at this time of our lives. There are many reasons, not least of which is the fact that having to organise life in two places every spring would simply paralyse me with the stuff that had to be done. Small mercies.

Do you feel the need to make everything in your life perfect come spring? And, most importantly - what are you up to this weekend?!

*This year, I'm aiming to take the same enthusiasm for 'buying' and 'planting' and carry it through to 'watering' and 'maintaining', in order to hopefully make my life easier come next spring.

**I tend to read several at once - one business one (currently The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries), one personal one (currently Willpower, by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney), and one girly one (currently Something Borrowed, by Emily Giffin, for the mumble-mumble time).

***Everyone goes away for the summer and everything is always booked out and it's frustrating.