The Weekend has Landed! The Suddenly Cold Edition

So along with everything else, Sandy did a nice job of blowing away autumn. Just like that, it is winter and the changeover has happened. The changeover.

This means that this weekend I will be heading back to New Zealand for summer, with no need to return until the beginning of May.

In my dreams, that is.

In reality, we are taking in some refugees from the beleaguered Manhattan neighbourhood of SoPo tomorrow, also known as our friends. There will be some socialising, but it may be limited, as I imagine they will mostly want to just sit around in the warmth and gaze at the glowing electric lights. I am going to cook something for lunch - maybe soup?

On Sunday, another friend is running in the marathon, so I may head along with some others to see him tear past, then go back to one of their houses to eat food and congratulate ourselves on not being foolish enough to run a marathon. I'm still in some doubt as to whether the marathon will go ahead. There are lots of good arguments for it not to happen, and there are some good arguments for it to happen, and even though they've said it's happening, I find it hard to imagine how it's going to. Apparently they're not changing the course, so it will still begin on Staten Island, which seems...ridiculous, actually.

Tonight, I intend to spend some time catching up with three of my favourite men - H1, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. I'm also going to cook haloumi burgers, and I will almost certainly have a glass of wine - maybe out, so I can support my local economy, and maybe in, so I can support my even more local economy (that would be our budget) and not expose myself to the rapidly cooling air. Oh, and I will, of course, add to the long list of impractical things I really want:

This is something impractical that I want. Image: Refinery29

What are you up to this weekend?!

Update: So apparently the East Village now has power (yay!) and they've decided to cancel the marathon after all. This is what happens when you announce the weekend before 5pm!