The Weekend Has Landed! The Unofficial Summer Edition

It's Memorial Day on Monday, which means exactly one thing in New York – the unofficial start of summer! This weekend is the weekend when the mass exodus would usually commence. Half* of New York moves out to the beach, and won't be back until the beginning of September. This weekend, however, isn't playing ball, and is promising a whole lot of super-grotty weather. It's no secret that New York is a pretty full-on city, but it's constantly amazing to me how this descriptor even applies to the weather. There is no such thing as drizzle here; it is either all sunshine and blue skies or biblical levels of flooding, and this week is choosing to do its best to drown us all.

I'm tackling this by just pretending it's winter all weekend. If you want me, I'll be reading and drinking red wine** and eating carbs. Normal service will resume when New York decides to get its act together again.

Speaking of getting acts together, I got an email the other day that seemed to be suggesting I buy a teepee for my cat. I know teepees for kids have been a thing for a while now*** but a teepee for my cat? Really?

I showed it to Cuper and he walked away. To be fair, this isn't necessarily a sign of disdain; this is just what he does when I'm holding my laptop and not letting him sit on it. So it's possible he thinks these are really cool. Regardless, I'm not buying one, because cat teepee? Really?

Anyway. What are you up to this weekend?!

*The half that doesn't include me – this is literally how the other half lives.

**Fine, not all weekend.

***Awkward cultural appropriation and all.