The Yoga Nemesis

I am writing this from bed. Ooh la la, right? I'm not trying to be all sensuous (if you saw my pajamas you'd realize that pretty quickly!) but rather, trying to be a good blogger (better late than never). It's 9:15, I've been working almost solidly up to this point, and if I didn't do it now, I can see tomorrow heading in the same direction.

I know it's on the early side to be in bed, but I like to read before going to sleep - it's the one bit of downtime that I both promise myself and rarely renege on. Plus, I've been at yoga tonight, and that's always good to thoroughly wear you out.

I go to classes in the gym in my building, and do a sort of ashtanga/power yoga mix. I love it - for the aforementioned wear-you-outiness and the challenge of it and how strong it makes me and (just quietly) because I'm almost always the best in the class. Mostly that last reason, actually.

I know that's terrible. After all, yoga's not really the sort of activity where you're meant to compare yourself at all, let alone favorably. But I can't really help it. I'm your average over-achieving competitive personality, and if I couldn't compare and judge, I probably wouldn't do it at all. And I'm not the only one who does it. My nemesis does too.

Yes, I have a nemesis - in yoga, at least. She kind of looks like me, but her hair is shorter and her legs are longer (grumble). We're nearly the same ability in yoga, but she is maybe a tiny bit more flexible than me and I'm maybe a tiny bit stronger than her. And we compete. We never say a word to each other, but trust me - it is on. We do our asanas, and we peek at each other in the mirror to see how the other one's doing, and we push ourselves a little more, and then the instructor tells us to look at our navels, or whatever, and we stop, until it's time to move into the next position. I know it's a mutual thing because sometimes she mouths 'nemesis' at me when we're in Warrior 1*.

So anyway, that's my nemesis, and that's probably how it would have gone on indefinitely, had H1 not taken it upon himself tonight to - gasp - speak to her (for reasons that will be explained later). I know, I know.

So what's she like? Oh, you know, nice, friendly, not too warm, not too cold. She's a bit like me, really, although she's a med student, which I find slightly intimidating because med students use such different parts of their brain to me (big difference between pulling apart a person and pulling apart a press release, believe it or not).

So that's that. Now my nemesis has a name and a life and is no longer just someone to compete against. Maybe we'll become friends, even. But probably not...because you can't compete against your friends. And I'd rather keep my nemesis. I'm quite fond of her, you see - and, I like to compete.

*Part of this story may be made up, but most of it is true, I swear.