Time to capsule?

Time to capsule?

 Capsule image via  Pinterest/Modern French blog

H1 and I each have set monthly budgets for all our personal expenses – coffees, lunches, clothes, etc. Thanks to presently being a one-income family, those budgets are smaller than usual, and thanks to a few purchases earlier this year that were made to try to reduce my feelings of new-mum frumpiness, my budget in particular is seriously depleted for the next couple of months.

Of course, budgets don’t always align with desires. All the autumn and winter clothes are coming into stores and I want most of them – this despite having a wardrobe full of really nice clothes. I haven’t even worn most of them for a couple of years, being pregnant last year and all.  But looking at them doesn’t excite me, or make me feel any less frumpy (yes, it’s still a thing. More on that later). I also have a few constraints in place. Budget, of course, but I’m also still breastfeeding four times a day, so anything I wear needs to work with that. And sadly clichéd as it is, I have a small baby, so everything I wear needs to be easily washable. Dryclean-only clothes don’t make sense for me right now.

All of which makes me feel that a capsule could be the answer to my problems ("problems", that is. Trust me, I know).

Everybody knows the basic idea behind a capsule, so I won't offend you by recapping that. In my case, I've found inspiration through the well-dressed Caroline of Un-Fancy, and her dedication towards capsules – which is less a literal dedication and more of a soft approach towards an undoubtedly good idea. She suggests 37 pieces for three months, excluding underwear, pyjamas and workout gear. And she uses the capsule itself, along with the experience over those months, to identify true gaps in her wardrobe and then – and only then – buys to fill those gaps.

 Image via  Un-Fancy

Image via Un-Fancy

All of this sounds pretty reasonable to me. I'm only going to do two months though, as we're away for most of June in the northern hemisphere (e.g. completely different weather). Due to this I'm probably going to allow myself fewer than 37 pieces. But otherwise, it's on. April and May will be experimental capsule months, with no buying anything new. No clothes, no accessories, no shoes, no jewellery...time will see whether this makes me feel more or less frumpy. Hopefully the latter, obviously, but at the very least it will be an interesting experience!