Too Hot

I feel like such a bad person writing this, or even thinking this, because I love love love summer, and I would much rather have too hot a summer than no summer at all (thinking of my poor beleaguered friends in London, who seem to have been suffering through Winter Part Two: Revenge of the Skies up until this weekend). All that said, it really has just been far too hot. Too hot to do anything, particularly:

Be entertaining
Wear clothes (I have been, but with great reluctance)
Groom (too hot for makeup, too hot to blow dry my hair...the 'natural' look has become my go-to this summer)

Despite the extensive list I've been busy, because I love summer and I'm not going to waste a single second of it and this is going to be the best.summer.ever, you hear me?* So I've been having a great time, but (I realize now) was getting kind of exhausted, especially because it's been too hot to sleep every night.

Thankfully, we had a storm late last week that broke the heat, and even enjoyed a relatively chilly, dreary day on Friday. H1 and I spent that night cuddled up on the sofa, watching a lighthearted comedy**. I was tired and scared and sad about the tragedy in Colorado, and it was so nice to have a night off, and to be able to hug my husband without sweating all over him.

On Saturday we had a wedding in the Catskills, overlooking a gorgeous lake. The weather was perfect and the wedding was beautiful:

In the Catskills
Me and H1 (you'll note I went all out and wore makeup)

We danced and ate cake and took photos, then stayed with some friends and stayed up too late drinking port and having silly conversations and gossiping. The next day we hopped a train back to the city and lazed around all afternoon, with H1 watching Formula 1 and me reading the Times. It all starts up again this week, with something on every single night from tomorrow, so I'm really glad that I chilled out a little this weekend. I feel like I've hit a 'reset' button, and I am ready to go again!

*Being Type A is hard sometimes.
**Something Borrowed - one of my favorite girly movies. I know 'lighthearted comedy' is an interesting description to apply to a movie about betrayal and cheating, but it is really, all things considered.