Turning it Around

Today started out SO badly. I woke up with this song in my head (warning! Click at your own risk). It was grey and dreary outside. There was only one coffee* pod left for the Nespresso machine, so H1 and I had to have a bargaining session to decide who needed it more. I won, but the guilt I felt all day about sending my poor hardworking husband out into the big bad world without coffee was nearly as bad as just starting the morning without coffee myself (nearly. I'm still glad I won, or I don't think this day would have ever got off the ground).

After my coffee and demanding H1 put some music on to drive the demons from my head, I cheered up, especially because it was Friday! Yay! Except, today is actually Thursday. Realising that was enough to send me back to bed - but I had to keep moving, as I had a morning meeting that I had to attend, in order to badly disappoint someone. Of all the things I hate doing, disappointing others is way up there, lurking just below ironing. And on this morning, of all mornings...wow. What did I do to piss off whatever deity controls bad mornings?

When you're faced with a morning like this, there's only one thing to do. And that one thing is to go back to bed. With that option firmly ruled out, however, I had no choice but to turn it around (babe**).

I'm quite proud of what I managed to do with today, so I've put together a little how-to for you, because we all have these mornings*** and taking an entire day to sulk at your misfortune isn't always viable. So:

1. Put on music. Whether you've got a bad song stuck in your head or not. I got H1 to put on Gotye, and specified that he must start with I Feel Better (just going with the power of overt suggestion there). This helped straight away, so I had the energy to...

2. Shower and get dressed. TOTALLY non-negotiable. And no sweatpants**** crap, either. Put on something that you love, that you look great in, and that makes you feel like you're invincible. If you don't own anything fitting this description, go buy something. For the full invincibility effect, I suggest a superhero costume, but you go with whatever feels right.

Today I wanted to wear one of my more insane dresses, a Parisian fuchsia lace affair that has a full skirt and a bateau neck, but the person I had to disappoint was in a fairly conservative office, and I just felt it would be inappropriate. Instead, I went with a black and cream Marc by Marc Jacobs dress with black tights, my trench coat, and black stiletto heels (extra height is always good). This particular dress meets all the above requirements, and also has the added bonus of being dryclean only - so while it costs me a fortune just to own it, it is always ironed. I can't stress enough how much not having to iron makes a morning better.

This is me in my insane Parisian dress, in Paris! With H1! You can see why I couldn’t wear it today, right?

I wish I had taken a picture of this, but during the day there was nobody who could take a picture for me ("Hey, I know I've just told you something disappointing that's really let you down, but could you snap out of it for a sec to take my picture, please?") and I am now in my pyjamas*****.

3. Eat a good breakfast. Sorry to sound like everyone's mum, but ten or so years after my mum last nagged me about this, I've realised how important it is. This morning I ate what I eat most mornings - yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit - and, as is usually the case with me and eating, I felt much happier after I had.

4. Finally, I bought myself another coffee on the way to the office, because I wasn't quite there yet.

All of this worked brilliantly, by the way. Today turned out to be pretty awesome, despite the inauspicious start - and was then made exponentially better by some exercise, dinner, and pyjamas before 9pm, I am very pleased to say.

*One REAL coffee pod, that is. We have a concerning amount of decaf, which is good for late night affogato in the summer, and nothing else.

**Name that song!

***Oh God, other people have them too, right? It's not just me...right?

****I don't even own sweatpants, and I'm very proud of this fact. I suggest you don't, either.

*****Pyjama pants are absolutely a different thing from sweatpants, FYI.