I have no job. It is awesome.

Apologies in advance if that sounds insensitive - if you think it is, maybe stop reading now. I'm telling it like it is! And it's awesome.
I know there's a recession on, and there are lots of people who are unemployed and it is not much fun for anyone (well it is, it's fun for me) but look at it this way - I just freed up a job. And I'm well aware that I'm only enjoying my freedom this much as I'm away for Christmas, so no pressure on me to start the 'new job' hunt now - what am I going to do, interview from the beach? Actually, that would be great - I'm pretty sure I interview a lot better in the sun than otherwise. I'm pretty sure I do everything better in the sun, in fact.
So this is the last entry coming out of London for a while. London, while currently snowy and sunny and rather beautiful, is also painfully cold and severely lacks family (for me anyway. With eight million people I'm sure there are lots of families for other people - not enough to go round, though). But don't worry, I shall still write about my adventures. After all, this is Condiments on a City Life, and I am off to cities - namely Bangkok, Auckland, and Napier*. Wheee! I feel I should warn you that the posts may be present, but it's entirely possible they won't be the most riveting thing ever - 'Got up....ate some breakfast...went to the beach...came home...'
Actually, I really really find myself hoping that's as action-y as it gets. As you may have sensed from the beginning, I'm not exactly devastated to be jobless. The stress levels were rising again, and really, who needs that? It's very aging. I look forward to a lovely sunny break and some family time (although not too much, gotta watch those stress levels) and then a triumphant return to London, ready to rejoin the real world (as much as I ever do, that is).
So. My last week in London. No work. Extremely busy, surprisingly. More so than when I was working, actually - not sure how that works but it seems most unjust. I ran round to the post office and the pharmacy, over and over again, because I spend an unhealthy amount of time and money in there, I went out to lunch, I had my hair done (don't hate me), I cleaned the house, and I baked cupcakes (yes, really. There's one next to me as we write).
I probably should have gone to a few museums and upped the culture levels, but no time! I actively tried to relax for health's sake, and avoided newspapers for the same reason, then found myself using the time I would have spent reading the paper to stress about the fact that in less than 24 hours I will be expected to wear a bikini, and the last few months of cold weather and socialising have not exactly been conducive to that (stupid cupcakes). Net result - I am marginally thinner and worryingly uninformed. A friend last night mentioned how happy she was that the BA strikes had been found to be illegal, and I, knowing nothing of any of this, nodded enthusiastically and shouted 'me too!', hoping noise would cover up my stupidity. Really must glance at the headlines once at the airport.
Which is very soon! Must finish packing. For a lot of small summery clothes, they really take up a lot of room. Oh, say hi if you see me - I will be the girl in the fashions from 2006 (not having required summer clothes since I moved to England).
For now, ka kite - will be back soon with some highly entertaining and relevant news (bragging. I'm going to brag. You know it and I know it. But read it anyway).
*H1 is convinced Napier meets the requirements of a city. I'm less convinced. It only has one Starbucks, to begin with - in London, it wouldn't meet the requirements of a street. But ok, for arguments sake, it's a city...