Vermont Fashion Week

Here in the city New York Fashion Week has just finished, but I have missed most of it (and by missing it I mean missing watching the shows online - once again my front row invitation got lost in the mail) as I was in Vermont.

Thanks to the wonders of 3G and the constant news cycle I did receive the occasional tweet, but it was hard to connect with next winter's fashion (lots of black, leather, fur, fyi) when I was still mired in the -16°C weather of this one. Yes, -16°C, and that was at base lodge, not even at the top of the mountain. It was well worth it, but I will never be truly happy that snowboarding is, by necessity, a cold weather sport.
So it's a bit hard for me to post about fashion when I've been sporting clothes of the waterproof, puffy persuasion for the last few days, and have simultaneously missed out on the biggest fashion event of the first half of the year, but nonetheless, I will. The things I do for you all. I refuse to talk about next winter though - I realize this makes me a bit of a hopeless fashion commentator, and grossly behind for next season, already - but really, how is it not depressing for all the attending fashion editors to be focusing on next winter when this one hasn't even ended? There's a whole six months of sunshine and parties that they're ignoring, because what we will be wearing this summer was determined at the end of last summer, and is therefore already old. I'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of mutiny or boycott. Those fashion peeps tend not to be the quietest or most restrained of people.
I will, happily, talk about spring, spring, spring. The very word is music to my ears. I'm not sure if I've made this obvious enough previously, but I'm really not the world's biggest fan of being cold, and once I've got my boarding in for the season I am well and truly ready for winter to be over. So now I'm focusing on my spring wardrobe. Have been for a good couple of months already - since Christmas, in fact. Always good to have a project. I've nearly got it finalized - nothing is bought yet but those existing clothes that require alterations or tailoring to bring them into this season are sorted, and the lists have been made, and the husband's expectations have been smoothed, and the inspiration pages are in the process of being put together.
Inspiration pages? What? Yes, maybe I go too far sometimes (the looks on my colleagues' faces when I asked if they had organized their spring wardrobes yet would certainly indicate so) but it's a thing, and it's a thing that I'm doing. Watch this space*.
*Maybe don't watch this space. Maybe close down this site and check in again in a few days, or hit one of those buttons in the top left hand corner so you get notified about future posts. While I would love to finish this post and start on the next one, I do have paying work that sadly requires my attention.