I've been feeling recently like my life is slightly on hold, while I wait for many things. Many, many, many things. Big things even, not just a new dress. I've just been going about my days, thinking a lot about how I'm...waiting. It's good I'm not a waiter. I am bad at waiting in both senses of the word. Image: Tribute

I mentioned this, fairly flippantly, to an acquaintance today. She responded, also fairly flippantly*, that I had to be careful, that while I waited good things could be passing me by. That you can't spend your life waiting.

She had a point, of course. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Strike while the iron is hot. Just do it. Carpe diem. That said, some things you just have to wait for. You have no choice. No matter how hard you work and how pushy you are and how many lists you write, all you can do is wait.

Some of the things I want badly I have to wait for. Time and circumstances mean I can't make them happen right now, and that's frustrating, because I hate waiting. I am totally a 'just do it' type. Procrastination makes me feel agitated and grumpy and scratchy.

I can know what I want, though, and what I'm waiting for. And start working out how to get there. I think (hope) changes are afoot, and I think (hope) they'll be more than just another blog redesign. This is a good first step, though.

Finally, I would like to state unequivocally that this is not about babies. All wannabe grandparents can settle down now. I know I've been married for a while, and I'm nearly 30, and all that other good stuff, but please keep in mind that I still impulse buy things off Gilt and I don't usually decide what to make for dinner until I'm actually hungry for dinner and my pretty shoes to practical shoes ratio is skewed way in favor of the former. Also, our plates are from Ikea. We're not ready.

*Fun fact: Two Kiwis speaking to each other can rarely say things seriously. Things get said in jest and in sarcasm and couched in heavy doses of irony, even when they are meant wholeheartedly. So this conversation between us was actually a total deep and meaningful - it just didn't sound it.