We all need goals

Is it only me who doesn't get people who don't make goals? I make goals all.the.time. They're not always good goals (meaning worthy, difficult, life-changing, or S.M.A.R.T) but hey, I make them regardless. Every morning, in fact, either over my morning coffee or while I'm 'working out', I have a little think about what I'm hoping to accomplish that day and set a few goals accordingly*. This is my actual reminders list from my phone. I was going to write some actual ones, but this one made me laugh a lot and I couldn't deprive you of that!

H1 and I also always set new goals at the beginning of each year - some for both of us, some singly. I just went back and looked at mine from the beginning of the year, and I'm actually doing pretty well with them. My beginning of year goals fell under the broad aim of ending 2012 a better me than the one that started it, and I think I'm on track to make that happen. I'm healthier, fitter, and more knowledgable. I've taken up a few new activities and have done a few new courses and met a few new people. I have not got my New York driver's licence, as I said I was going to, but I have got hold of the correct form and have filled it half out, so that's nearly the same thing, right? Maybe I'll try for my learner's permit this year, and that way I'll have a near-new, only-slightly-tarnished goal for 2013 all ready to go.

My biggest fail so far is in becoming a kinder, more patient person. With this in mind, I should probably decide to spend the rest of 2012 becoming a kinder, more patient person, but I honestly don't think that's going to happen. I'm not a bad person - I tip fairly, I hold doors open, I'm (almost) always polite, I donate - but I am a very impatient and fast-moving type, and I do believe that that's just part of my personality. I'll try to remember to stop and smell the flowers more often, but not if that slows down my seizing of the day**.

Giving up on one goal makes me feel like I should set another one, as does that fact that it's now that crazy time of year, where the months are compressed into a crazy blur of LaborDaycolderHalloweenapplesmybirthdayevencolderThanksgivingbloodyfreezingturkeysSURPRISE!CHRISTMAS!!!HOHOHOHAHAHA!!!! and you wind up huddled in a blanket on Christmas morning wondering what on earth just happened and why it's so cold***, and who bought those presents under the tree (and for that matter, where did that tree come from?) because you're pretty sure it wasn't you. In short, this is a great time of year, and if I can look back at a nice tidy list of goals accomplished, I may be able to hold onto a few more memories of what actually happened during it.

So, goals for autumn:

1. 'Fix' bathroom.

I love my apartment so so much, but the bathroom really lets the side down. It's small (okay, fine, that can't be changed) and is completely tiled, floor, walls, and all. The wall tiles are a hideous pink fake marble. The floor tiles are a sickly shade of greige (similar to Chanel Le Vernis Greige, but without the designer seal of approval). The vanity top reaches out over the loo, and is another fake marble, this one a colour that I can only refer to as 'aged' yellow. I have no idea how I can do anything to actually fix this (H1 caught me googling 'tile paint' the other day, and quickly shut that idea down - thankfully, as painting tile looks to be a lengthy, difficult, and foolhardy idea) but I'm going to try, because I don't want my showers to make me sad.

2. Bake more.

I cook a lot, and I enjoy cooking, but I don't really bake ever (by the way, being someone who doesn't bake sadly doesn't make me one of those slightly strange people who doesn't eat cake). I would quite like to be the sort of person who bakes, especially if I was one of those super-impressive bakers who casually decorates all their creations to the point of sugar perfection and, I don't know, makes snowflake biscuits for Christmas****. That's probably not going to happen, but there are some overripe bananas in my freezer, so I'm sure I can churn out some muffins at the least.

3. Get my New York learner's permit.

Hey, why not make it official?

4. Blog more regularly.

This must be the seventh time I've set this goal, at least. Life keeps happening (um, thankfully!), but it also keeps happening to many other impressive and dedicated bloggers I know, and they manage to post more than once a week. I'm doing something this weekend that I think will help with this. I'll let you know.

5. Organise fridge/be more spontaneous.

These two kind of go together, right? I have a tiny fridge, and it's kind of crazy right now, so I'm thinking I might spontaneously buy some fridge bins and sort that space out. Or maybe I'll do that first, then be spontaneous. Who knows? It's just crazed mad spontaneity around these parts*****!

So I will, of course, let you know how these go. In fact, I will blog about them (regularly!) in a total rip-off of what one of my favourite bloggers, Bunny Eats Design, does. (It's worth noting that her current goals are things like 'live on $2.25NZ per day for five days for charity' and 'make cheese' and I'm just going to try to write self-indulgent posts more often. Please don't compare).

Fair's fair - anyone want to share their pre-Christmas goals? Anything goes! Seriously anything, just read mine again and instantly feel good about yourself!

*Others may call this a to-do list. I think 'goals' is a far more impressive term. **I'm at an advantage here, because it's autumn and there are very few flowers. ***I'll actually be in New Zealand this Christmas, basking on the beach, but my memories of last Christmas involve many blankets and much huddling, so there you go. ****Ooh, do I really want to add something else to my lead up to Christmas plate? I just paged through a Crate & Barrel catalogue, so I can say a firm YES. Snowflake biscuits, to be exact. *****Yes, sarcasm. I'd love to be spontaneous more often, but I'm rather busy, and I think the point of spontaneity is you can't schedule it. I don't think setting a goal's going to help anything - but we'll see!