Week 1 - cheap American sauce?

So three days off work sick is maybe not the best time to start this*. Comments on crazy London are difficult to whip together in a witty, wry manner when crazy London consists of your living room and bedroom, with the banality broken up by your roof terrace. Crazy London Town! Currently operating without me. Image: Flickr/_Tawcan

I did venture out to Tesco today for rations, including water - we are basking in a heatwave like I have never known (in London, that is). Saw many, many half naked men, smiling at the skimpily dressed women, everyone flirting and making eyes and pretending they're Italian. Sounds lovely, but sadly isn't - Fulham in the middle of a Wednesday is not filled with the most attractive people. All those attractive people are in town, at work, as H1** eagerly tells me every night when he makes it in the door, tearing off his suit in order to join the naked people of a London summer (only he, of course, is far, far nicer to look at).

First post, and I'm going to tell a story that isn't even mine. H1 got in a week or two ago in a foul mood (pre-heatwave, nobody's got the energy or inclination for bad moods in this sort of sun). Driving down the road on his scooter, a water balloon was thrown at him with force, causing him to waver and nearly come off. Luckily, he didn't. He stopped, turned to look at the aggressors, noted they were not children as one would expect, but a group of about eight, oversized, boorish adult males of the kind you see all too often, and rode on. So glad - the water balloon was intensely stupid, but I am all for avoiding fights, especially when the other party is gagging for it (and certainly when they're bigger than you). Completely beyond me how some people think, or don't, rather.

Then a couple of days later I saw a man riding down the Kings Road on a penny-farthing bicycle, leaving a trail of smiles and laughter behind him. That's what inspired this really - where else could I tell my penny-farthing story? Because that deserves to be shared.

Such a divide - London is just like that nursery rhyme. When it is good it is really really good, and when it is bad it is horrid. Horrid people aside, this summer is shaping up to be a good one. I'm just looking forward to getting back out there...

Better stories (i.e. my own) next time, I promise!

*Hence title. I was trying to think of a bad condiment, and have probably only succeeded in alienating all Americans. Will not be naming each post after a condiment - too literal, and also lame.

**Lovely fiance, will make frequent appearances, particularly for cash.