Whatever, Whenever, Wherever

In New York, this describes pretty much anything you can think of, but I'm referring specifically to food. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, wherever you may be. Within the city limits, that is, and probably only certain parts of the city limits - I don't fancy your chances of getting Vietnamese at 4am in the suburbs of Staten Island.

But here in Manhattan, the eating world is your oyster! Everywhere delivers. Some of the nicest restaurants in Manhattan deliver. You can get Balthazar delivered. Which is decidedly excellent on nights like these, when exhaustion and apathy set in and the only options that seem to present themselves are not eating, eating cheese on toast, or ordering in. Not eating, or eating cheese on toast, seems a bit rude when you're surrounded by literally thousands of options, so order in we did! Not Balthazar - no. We had something else in mind.

For 20-something New Yorkers, H1 and I don't order in all that often. We go out to eat quite a bit, and we both enjoy cooking, so we do quite a lot of that, but ordering in tends to be a last resort. Not because it's not good - it is - but because it's not as good as eating our own meals or just going out to a restaurant.

Except, that is, when it's Blockheads. Blockheads is a Tex-Mex place with a few locations - one of which is wonderfully close to our place - that mainly does burritos. Super-super-sized burritos. H1 and I order one, and split it in two, and that is plenty of food, and oh, also, also, it is awesomely good food. Fresh and tasty and light and satisfying. Everything that good Tex-Mex should be, but too often isn't.

Blockheads also does good margaritas. They cost $3 each and come in a giant plastic cup. We didn't order a margarita tonight, because it's Thursday (and because we've been working our way through a very nice cabernet sauvignon) but we've had them before, when eating in the restaurant. As I say, they're good, but not quite good enough to make you forget that actually, you are in a place that you are just too old for.
Any place that has super-sized, good, inexpensive food and cheap drinks is going to entice the 'frat boy' segment of the population, and where we live, most of the population is of the frat boy persuasion. It was fun for a while, but everybody's got to grow up sometime - or succumb to their inner lameness (tick and tick!) So tonight, we took advantage of the luxury of delivery, and after pressing a couple of buttons and waiting 20 minutes, we were eating a delicious, luxurious half of a chicken fajita burrito each. And it was fabulous. This city is the best.