A weekend of moving (!)

Image via  Jacquelyn Clark

Image via Jacquelyn Clark

Hello! Happy July! How are you?

A LOT has been going on here. May and part of June disappeared into a university hole (another semester done!), I started a new role (so.much.learning, but it's awesome. I like learning), we went to Fiji (winter sun!) AND, after nearly two and a half years, we will be moving into our new apartment next week!

I am just so excited. We went to see it a few weeks ago and it's totally been worth the wait. Official moving day is not until next week, but we should have the keys in time for the weekend so we'll get some small things in and spend some time with Amelie there, getting her used to the place. We've explained the move to her a lot, but until it's done I'm not sure how well she understands the concept. This weekend will be good.

For those of you with more chill time this weekend (I hope that's most of you. I may be super excited but there is no doubt that moving is hard) here are a few fun links for your Saturday (or Friday afternoon! I'm not here to judge).

Anyone else find the subject of exfoliation oddly difficult but also important and fascinating? This is a great guide.

Joanna Coles is pretty rad. It's nice when people acknowledge that relaxing isn't all that for everyone!

My pinning to this board has really ramped up over the last couple of years.

Good advice.

Fast becoming one of our favourite easy weekend lunch staples

Have a wonderful weekend! x



A weekend of cramming

Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

It's so definitely time I did another Friday post...I have so many amazing links!

Before that though, the usual Friday excitement for the weekend ahead. What are your plans? If you're in the northern hemisphere I hope they involve enjoying some spring weather...and if you're in the southern I hope they involve enjoying some autumn weather...this is such a nice time of year, when (usually) nobody is facing anything too terrible weather-wise!

I have an assignment due for uni next week so my weekend is all in the title of this post. I'm sure I'll get some fun in somewhere as well though. With a toddler, there's no other option really; she neither cares about nor appreciates my need to study – all she wants is to play! Thankfully, there's H1 to help too (and it helps that Amelie is such a good sleeper as well).

So onto the promised amazing reads!

This adds more weight to my thoughts on buying clothes that can have a life with someone else when you're done with them.

The Cut is amazing and this article gives some insight into why (do you read it? You should!)

Do you take selfies? How do people react? (You'll see from my Instagram I really don't but this article is making me question why not).

Simple rules for healthy eating.


Have a super weekend! See you back here soon (after my paper has been handed in I imagine...)

A weekend of summer

Image via  Homelife

Image via Homelife

Summer is well and truly over but nobody has told the weather. I'm not complaining...this is a pretty sensational start to autumn! I'm hoping to make the most of it with H1 and Amelie this weekend in a fairly chilled way. A weekend close to home is sounding like absolute bliss to me (but I reserve the right to change my mind and go exploring!) What are your plans? 

Here is some Friday reading for you, to hopefully bring on the weekend just a little sooner!

Does it affect your mood when your clothes don't seem to reflect who you are?

LOVE this house. I kind of want to be the owner/buy all the things she makes.

The truest cartoon I've ever seen.

The lame bitches were right (yes!)

I've wanted this cookbook for ages and this article has tipped me over the edge.

This looks like such a comfortable dress for winter weekends.

Have a lovely weekend! x

A few good things

Happy Easter!

Easter treats on Sunday morning!

Easter treats on Sunday morning!

Hoping you all have had a great long weekend. We got away up to the country for a few days, which was just so nice and relaxing after a stressful couple of weeks working on an assignment. We also spent Easter Sunday at my parents' house in Parua Bay, hanging with the family, which was lovely. And of course we ate hot cross buns and chocolate!

The prettiest bottle of rosé.

The prettiest bottle of rosé.

The most amazing full moon from the country house.

The most amazing full moon from the country house.

Relaxing with homemade coffee soda and a local magazine.

Relaxing with homemade coffee soda and a local magazine.

Hanging with my girl over the weekend.

Hanging with my girl over the weekend.

The recipe for a perfect weekend (with children!) in Central Auckland

A few years back I declared that I had discovered the recipe for the perfect weekend, and you know what? It holds up! Even with the addition of children. Here's why the weekend just been was so good...and how you can do it for yourselves with some of the awesome activities Central Auckland has to offer.

Amelie playing in the Art Gallery

Amelie playing in the Art Gallery

Saturday morning: Exercise

We started Saturday by cycling down to our club to play tennis and then enjoy a short spa. Amelie painted in the crèche. Even without a membership to a tennis club you can do this – Auckland has a number of free tennis courts, like Nicholson Park and Maungawhau. If your children are a bit older you could get them playing a game also, and if they're too small it might mean skipping straight to the water part and swimming at a public pool, such as Parnell Baths.

Saturday lunchtime: Read and relax

May Amelie keep napping for a loooong time yet. We embrace having to stay in for a few hours by putting our feet up on the patio and getting some reading in. I'm reading a good, but rather involved, book at the moment and am balancing that with magazines. I'm such a big magazine fan but can't handle the piles of paper they generate, so I only subscribe to my favourites and read others through RB Digital on my iPad (free for Auckland Libraries members!)

Saturday afternoon: Get some culture, and some chips

H1 and Amelie doing their part to obliterate a room.

H1 and Amelie doing their part to obliterate a room.

We caught the bus into town and went to take part in The Obliteration Room at Auckland Art Gallery. Turns out Amelie is the perfect age to love this – she kept coming back to H1 to ask for 'mo' (more stickers) and was very careful and particular about where she was placing them. It's still on for a couple more weeks and I promise, it's worth it.

We followed it up with a drink at The Box, a lovely spot to sit outside and people watch in Aotea Square. My only complaint was they didn't do chips (and I really wanted some chips!), so we grabbed some from Double Dutch Fries in Elliott Street before heading home. This place is so good – very very close to the amazing chips in Amsterdam – but because it never seems okay to just randomly eat chips, I pretty much never have them. Elliott Street has a number of good food places along it, so no matter what you feel like you can't just randomly eat, it's likely to be there (bao! Dumplings! Hong Kong egg waffles and ice-cream!)

Saturday evening: Eat something yummy

We were relaxing at home and made falafel, but if I was heading out around Central Auckland for a casual Saturday night it would almost certainly be to Orphan's Kitchen, Pasta e Cuore, Venosa, Ortolana or Gemmayze Street. Can't go wrong with any of them, and while they're all lovely, they're also super-chill. 

Sunday morning: Food and fun

Amelie and I took ourselves off to the playground while H1 went cycling, but not before a stop at Grey Lynn Farmer's Market. We can walk to this one from our house, but another favourite in Central Auckland is La Cigale, in Parnell – or if you really want to stick in the city centre, there's a version at Britomart that's small but cute, and close to good playgrounds at Silo Park and Myers Park.

Amelie helping me carry my farmer's market flowers.

Amelie helping me carry my farmer's market flowers.

Sunday lunchtime: Organise

I rearranged and tidied our bookshelves, which also involved moving some art, photos and plants around. Then I tidied a few more things and gave the place a vacuum, arranged the flowers I'd bought in the morning, and then I relaxed and enjoyed it. It makes such a difference to my happiness levels – and it's happiness that keeps on giving (I can see my bookshelves right now and sure enough – they are making me happy). I actually have a list of things I want to declutter, and any time I need to perk myself up or I'm feeling at a loose end I hit up that list. I don't want to tell you to use your precious downtime to organise and clean, but I can tell you it makes me feel good.

Sunday afternoon/evening: Picnic with friends in nature

Back to the park! We celebrated our friend's birthday with fish and chips and a couple of beers in the park. It would also be so lovely with some yummy snack foods (Farro is just around the corner!) Hanging out with friends is one of my favourite ways to end Sunday – it staves off those Sunday night blues nicely, and leaves me feeling like I've really soaked every drop of weekend up. And being outside while the weather is still nice enough is also a big win for the soul. 

What does your perfect weekend look like? What have I left off?