The weekend has landed! The Auckland, you beaut edition

So welcome to a huge, event-packed weekend for Auckland!

The Nines are on (sport). There is a festival (music, hippies) down just south of Auckland and a great big concert (rap, young people) just over at Western Springs, the Chinese Lantern Festival (everybody) is happening in Albert Park, and another concert is going on at Villa Maria winery (pop-rock, couples). Phew.

I’m sitting most of these out, except for the Chinese Lantern Festival. A friend and I went up there for dinner and a wander last night, before toddling down to Britomart Country Club for a drink. There were so many people out. It felt amazing – busy and buzzy and vibrant.

Chinese Lantern Festival.
The crowds walking up to Albert Park.
Chinese Lantern Festival.
Amazing lanterns.
Chinese Lantern Festival.

This morning I walked from my apartment down to the gym, bounced around there until I was shaking*, then walked along the waterfront until the shaking died down a little and I could walk home again. Tonight I am in, looking forward to spending my evening with a piece of tarakihi** and a kumara*** and a glass of wine****. As for tomorrow, I’m going to drive north to spend the day with my parents and the beach…but not before I chill out in my sunny living room with a cup of coffee and my husband on Skype. Ah Sundays!

This week has flown. Looking back on it I just blank out – I know I did stuff, but what? I didn’t really read a lot this week, but thanks to NZMuse, I did just enjoy this article from DesignSponge about the changes in blogging during 2013. I definitely felt it, and it (and other things) resulted in a bit of a burnout for me in the second half of the year. I think I’m quite glad I don’t advertise, although I do think that creators deserve to get paid for their work. That said, what pulled me out of burnout was returning to my roots, in a way – writing for the hell of it, the fun of it, and not worrying if anyone was reading. Obviously not a solution for everyone. Hmmmm.

That’s a lot more than I meant to write on that! Anyway. I ate some freakin’ amazing food over the week. Best thing was a Mexican chicken sandwich from Honeytrap with avocado slaw and molé sauce, best atmosphere was dumplings at the Lantern Festival.

Chinese Lantern Festival.
Dumplings! With free atmosphere.

Finally, the best thing I did was play with new software! I’ve never properly wireframed a website before – I usually go straight from hand-drawn sketches to jumping in at the deep end, because I can interpret my scrawls – but I had to share some with some other people this week, so my sketches went through the intermediary of Balsamiq. So very much fun. Almost as satisfying as the actual build.

What were your bests? And what are you up to this event-packed weekend?

P.S. I apparently am going to the rap concert – I can hear it very clearly from my apartment, it turns out. And I’m not that close. Interesting!

*My trainer is a tyrant, but it feels kind of good…is workout masochism a thing?

**Fish, non-New Zealanders.

***Kinda like a sweet potato, but better.

****Universally understood.

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3 Responses to The weekend has landed! The Auckland, you beaut edition

  1. Maddy says:

    Thanks for sharing lovely, it’s so good to read your blog and be connected! Thanks also for sharing the link to the Design*Sponge post, wowsers.


    • Hayley says:

      Yes, interesting, isn’t it?! It IS so good to be connected. I know I owe you an email…I will reconnect the old-fashioned way soon as well! Hope you’re having a great time in India. x

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